Early June 2024

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About us

Proteso, born from an R&D project at IIT and INAIL started in 2014, was incorporated in 2022.

We specialize in wearable robotics technology, aiming to prevent overexertion injuries in workplaces and reduce associated costs.

Our first product, Movi, helps prevent back pain from load handling in various sectors like airports, logistics, and manufacturing.


Sales Opportunities

Without any marketing investment, we have seen a consistent stream of sales opportunities that have converted into paid pilot projects.

Our focus has been on creating success stories in our target markets. Therefore, we selected the Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) and Terna among the most promising large enterprises in the logistics, airports, and manufacturing sectors from the numerous opportunities presented to us.

A paid pilot project with ADR started in late 2023 and was successfully completed in March this year. Given the positive outcome, we are currently negotiating the terms for the purchase and roll-out of a first batch of approximately 10 units starting in Fall 2024.

Another pilot project with Terna is underway, and a rapidly growing list of additional companies are expressing their interest in pilot projects that we will schedule as resources become available.

An additional noteworthy opportunity came as a request for quotation by a global company for the deployment of our exoskeletons at a plant in the US.

Besides potential customers, opportunities have been coming as requests by potential channel partners. Two of these requests came from Germany-based exoskeleton distributors who, knowing the market well, see competitive value in our product.


During the ADR pilot we learnt from our pilot customers and substantially improved our product. We reduced its weight by 25%, footprint by over 55%, and production cost by approximately 30%, while significantly enhancing the user experience. Importantly, these activities additionally contributed to improving the reliability of the product as well as of its supply chain and production process.

To enable the commercial roll-out of a first batch in Fall 2024, we have been working on and we are on track to securing the necessary certifications and the CE mark by October 2024.


In 2023, we raised over 150k€ in pre-seed funding.

We have been working to raise a 3M€ seed round. We have a soft commitment from a group of Italian VC funds and expect to close the seed round by Fall 2024.

To ensure the continuity of ongoing projects contributing to product launch, we are also raising a convertible 300k€ bridge at an attractive discount to close by the end of June 2024.


We have identified and started collaborations with promising candidates for key early roles in our organization, from sales to product engineering and design.


In April 2024 we spent 10 days in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, as part of Innovit’s exclusive program for top Italian startups. During this exciting and enriching experience we connected and have been following up with non-competing exoskeleton companies and potential industrialization partners, validating our product’s positioning and roadmap.

Completed redesign of the website to more effectively capture potential leads.

Call to Action

We invite interested parties to join the convertible 300k€ bridge or suggest relevant contacts.

We also welcome connections with large enterprises that could be interested in our technology and are ready to innovate.