MOVI: It’s You, Only Safer

Our active back-support exoskeleton is specifically designed for Manual Material Handling jobs, protecting the workers’ lower back from overexertion.

We’ve Got Your Back

Fewer injuries and associated sick leaves

Using our exoskeleton has shown its effectiveness in reducing the biomechanical loading that over time leads to Low-Back Pain. Demonstrated by IIT and INAIL, as described in several scientific publications.

More stable productivity levels

Active support provided by our exoskeleton minimizes the effects of physical fatigue and stress on workers engaged in repetitive tasks.

Lower turnover, more attractive employer

Prioritizing the health and wellbeing of workers is crucial for fostering a successful workplace.

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MOVI is more than just an exoskeleton, it is a robotic ecosystem built around human wellbeing.

Natural user interaction

High-comfort ergonomics

Sophisticated real-time control algorithms

Data-enabled analytics

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